5 Myths About Security Guards

Security Guards have several myths that have been associated with the profession over the years. It is important that we debunk the myths, so there is a better understanding of the important roles’ security guards play in our lives. Here are 5 common myths about security guards: # 1: They must have a big physiqueContinue reading “5 Myths About Security Guards”

Muhammad Baig: President at Baig Security

Baig Security was founded by Muhammad Baig in 2020. As a Sheridan alum, Muhammad developed a passion for promoting safety and security. His academic background in Human Resource and Business Marketing led to him starting Baig Security, ensuring all his clients and employees have the best work experience and a safe work environment. Safety isContinue reading “Muhammad Baig: President at Baig Security”

7 Best Workplace Safety Blogs

Number 1: Safety Spot https://www.safetyspot.ca/Blog.asp The Safety Spot writes blog posts about injury, management, fall protection, human resources and much more content surrounding workplace safety.  Check out their article on “Ways to Boost Mental Health in the Workplace.”  Businesses often assume that their employee’s mental health isn’t something they should stick their noses into. WhenContinue reading “7 Best Workplace Safety Blogs”

8 Must-Follow Safety Tips

In this article, we rank the best tips for health and safety. Use everything properly Many workplace accidents are caused by the misuse of machinery. Learning to use everything properly can prevent injuries in your workplace. Make sure to only use machines you are trained for and double-check that they are maintained often.  2. ReportContinue reading “8 Must-Follow Safety Tips”

WHMIS Training – What it is and why you need it

What is WHMIS? You may be wondering, what is WHMIS and why do you need to get it? In this article, we will discuss the reasons you need a WHMIS certificate, and how it can help you in your chosen field.  WHMIS training is legally required for everyone in Canada who works with or mayContinue reading “WHMIS Training – What it is and why you need it”

First Aid: Why do businesses need proper training for staff?

Depending what industry or sector you work in there might be an obvious or more pressing need to be first aid certified. However, it’s important for every sector, regardless of obvious need to have their employees certified in first aid.  There are benefits for both employee and employer to having employees completed first aid trainingContinue reading “First Aid: Why do businesses need proper training for staff?”

Why should you get a first aid license?

NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE PARTICIPATE IN FIRST AID & CPR CERTIFICATION Did you know, according to the Red Cross, despite forty percent of Canadians being in a situation where they or someone else needed emergency care, only eighteen percent of Canadians are first aid certified?  IT IS EASY TO LEARN With detailed courses and well-trained instructors,Continue reading “Why should you get a first aid license?”