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What is Retail Security


More and more retail businesses are beginning to hire security guards for their stores. Many of them start to realize that loss due to shoplifting is substantially high in today’s society. Whether you are a small independent store or a larger corporate retail chain, shoplifting is hurting your business. Although shoplifting is a petty crime, it results in billions of dollars of loss in Canada alone.

Hiring security personnel is an action your company can take to help reduce your retail shrinkage. By investing in loss prevention personnel, you will be ultimately be saving your corporation money as there will be no more significant losses through shrink.

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Prevent theft with security guards


Loss Prevention


Many large-scale retailers have the funds and have already invested in loss prevention teams; this tends to be more challenging for smaller retailers. We pride ourselves in helping all companies, no matter the size within Ontario, and will develop a business plan specifically designed for your organization to ensure that you receive the strategy that works best for your company.


Theft is a major struggle for every company, which is why at Baig Security, we will come up with the right solution for your specific challenges. We start doing this, beginning with excellent customer service followed by employee engagement.

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