Residential Services

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Guard Response


Once our dispatch receives the notification, our trained professional will be prompt en route to your home and in a marked vehicle. A licensed security guard will check all doors and windows and will complete an entire patrol of your home’s exterior to ensure that no break has happened.

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House Checks

Trust Baig Security with your Home

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What We Do


If you are away from your home for a while, Baig Secured can provide you with a house check service where our guards can check on your property while you’re away, whether it be for insurance purposes or simply for your peace of mind. Baig Security professional will go to your home on the dates you specify and check all doors to ensure that they are locked. If provided with a key, they can collect your mail for you while you are away, water plants, check your temperature, and any other concerns you may have while you are away. Documentation of what days and times the guard attended and any additional notes are provided for you via email.

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