Concierge Security


What Exactly Is Concierge Security?


Concierge security welcome employees and visitors. They are here to support you and your team as well as being a front facing line of support. They follow protocols of the building and business managers.
Some businesses have a professional concierge on an ongoing basis. Others seek the service as a staff-fill service to replace a receptionist or other employee on leave or vacation. 

BAIG Security Concierge Services brings excellence to security guards and the industry by:

Delivering exceptional customer service.

Improving industry standards of quality.

Improving employment standards for security guards.

Bringing over a decade of expertise and resources to every residence we service.

Consistently investing in innovation of concierge and security guard services.

Businesses can need a concierge for as many reasons as there are types of business. Here is a list of some of the key benefits:

Better Security

Employee Safety

Building Administration


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