Concierge Security Services

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What Exactly Is Concierge Security?


Concierge security welcome employees and visitors. They follow protocols of the building and business managers. In essence, it’s a contracted front-of-house for your business.
Some businesses have a professional concierge on an ongoing basis. Others seek the service as a staff-fill service to replace a receptionist or other employee on leave or vacation. 

BAIG Security Concierge Services brings excellence to security guards and the industry by:

Delivering exceptional customer service.

Improving industry standards of quality.

Improving employment standards for security guards.

Bringing over a decade of expertise and resources to every residence we service.

Consistently investing in innovation of concierge and security guard services.

Businesses can need a concierge for as many reasons as there are types of business. Here is a list of some of the key benefits:

Better Security

Employee Safety

Building Administration


Our goal of providing Ontario residents with the specialized service of a licensed security guard and the exceptional care of a luxury establishment concierge. We pride ourselves in maintaining close working relationships with Residents, Board Members, and Property Management. At Baig Security, Customer Service comes before anything else.


BAIG Security personnel are often required to wear tailored black suits. Our highly motivated concierge staff will ensure that clients are greeted with the utmost professional and individualized care.

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