Commercial Security Services

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Our Mission

We want to assist you with any of your security needs within Ontario. We give you our promise that your establishment will be safeguarded while under our watch.

Security guards are often the first face a visitor sees when entering your building, which is why we provide you with individuals that will represent your business proudly. We hire and train only the best security guard services the industry has to offer. Our guards always maintain a professional demeanor, and we will guarantee that they will represent your corporation to your satisfaction.

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Commercial Security Services

Our personnel represents our corporation and yours, which is why we know the importance of employing professional, high-quality guards.

We provide our staff with the highest quality training providing them with the knowledge of assessing any situations threat risk. Our guards are trained to handle any potential threats discreetly and professionally. Also, we will provide you with complete documentation and written reports for all necessary inspections and daily reports that will be available upon request.

Security Guard Services and Duties

Enforce rules, law, and company policies

Respond to emergencies

Observe and report an incident

Protect the grounds

Monitor surveillance systems

Perform designated foot patrols

Direct traffic in the parking lot

Maintain logs for visitors

Why You Should Hire Commercial Security Guards

Crime prevention – Robbers will think twice before targeting a business or a commercial place with uniformed guards. Hiring a security services firm means that you’ll have a professional trained at being able to spot a dangerous situation and help diffuse the problem.

BAIG Security will improve the security of your property and the people within your business. Additionally, we help collect evidence that can be further used by the police and other law enforcement agencies to solve any crimes that occur on the premises.

Provide a Sense of Heightened Security – hiring a security professional increases the sense of security for employees, customers, and business owners. Workers will be able to perform better and be more productive in a safe and secure environment.

Professionalism – in case of crime or unlawful invasion, a security guard is responsible for handling the situation professionally. Security guards are the first line of defence while using the skills to handle various security breaches.

The presence of uniformed security guards reassures everyone within the business premises, especially in a business that handles high-end or sensitive products.

Benefits of Hiring Baig Security

Deal with security issues efficiently

Maintain order at your workplace

Keep your premises under the surveillance

Keep the workplace safe during labour unrest and strikes

Help manage crowds

Constant monitoring

Assess dangers

Compliment your digital security

For businesses, it’s vital to hire a security guard provider that is well-trained in how to deal with different crime incidents and protect against any loss in your industry. Security guards help enforce rules and policies, deter crime, and protect goods, property, people, and services. Hiring the services of a licensed and reputable security agency will help offset the potential for theft and loss while ensuring public safety and protection.

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