How to choose a private security company for your business?

Nobody likes bad news. However, there are harsh realities in this life. Violence increases and so does evil. The data is there and proves it. Crime in Toronto has increased by 27% in hate-motivated assaults -and higher rates of reported sexual assault. (Thorold Today, 2023). Licensing and Certification In addition to the certifications, permits andContinue reading “How to choose a private security company for your business?”

Baig Security Joins Burlington Green – We protect our environment!

Muhammed Baig, the owner of this company is a very strong advocate for the environment. He has two young children that he wants to make sure get to see the earth in the best possible shape it can. Whether that includes protecting endangered animals or just cleaning up the local communities. In April of 2023Continue reading “Baig Security Joins Burlington Green – We protect our environment!”

What Does It Mean To Be A Security Guard?

A security guard’s job may offer an exciting work environment, alluring rewards, and chances for professional progression. As asset protection grows more crucial, the market for security guards is healthy. In many facets of contemporary life, security guards play a crucial role in defending numerous establishments, from shops and construction sites to banks and schools.Continue reading “What Does It Mean To Be A Security Guard?”

Announcing our New Manager of Operations

We are excited to announce a new addition to the Baig Security Team! Andrew Baker is our Manager of Operations. Andrew is 28. He attended Wilfrid Laurier from 2015-2017 where he earned a bachelors of criminology. He then went on to attend the University of California in Los Angeles to get his Masters in CriminalContinue reading “Announcing our New Manager of Operations”

Blood Drive: BAIG Security x Onyx Cleaning Solutions

BAIG Security is partnering with Onyx Custom Cleaning Solutions and the Canadian Blood foundation in the month of December for a blood drive. Onyx Custom Cleaning Solutions has events running through the entire month of December called December Day of Giving. We will be hosting our blood drive on December 10 and December 12 inContinue reading “Blood Drive: BAIG Security x Onyx Cleaning Solutions”

Want to be a Guest Blogger?

We are accepting guest bloggers! At Baig Security, we know how important safety means to you and your business. We offer private security, investigations and customized security service solutions to meet your needs. We are based out of Burlington, Ontario and service the entire province of Ontario, Canada. Our team is professionally trained and alwaysContinue reading “Want to be a Guest Blogger?”

What Makes a Bad Security Guard

No Situational Awareness As we know, situational awareness is vital in the world of security. Without it, it leaves room for potential threats to happen which can put your clients or product at risk. If your guard tends to always be distracted then it may be time to consider another one. Uses Aggression to DiffuseContinue reading “What Makes a Bad Security Guard”