How to choose a private security company for your business?

Nobody likes bad news. However, there are harsh realities in this life. Violence increases and so does evil. The data is there and proves it. Crime in Toronto has increased by 27% in hate-motivated assaults -and higher rates of reported sexual assault. (Thorold Today, 2023).

Licensing and Certification

In addition to the certifications, permits and licenses that a private security company must have, another requirement is to own training in multiple disciplines with the highest quality standards, to provide a comprehensive service.

For example, we give Professionally Trained Uniform Security Guards, Mobile Patrol, Private investigators, Loss Prevention Services, an constant training in arrest and control techniques, among other training that keeps our staff updated, guaranteeing a good private security service and maintaining the tranquility of companies.

Experience and Reputation

Experience is invaluable in the security industry and at Baig Security we know this very well, we are a leading company in the private security sector, based in Burlington – Ontario with high quality standards in its security processes. We have 3 years of experience, providing a complete spectrum of private security, investigations, and customized solutions.

We solve security problems in all types of industries!

Industry Specialization 

Physical security is made up of professionals in charge of surveillance at the various strategic verification points in companies. It is important that you hire a team that is truly prepared and experienced in the area.

Among the services we offer is carrying out control or registration procedures. As well as constantly verifying that there are no external factors that could affect the safety of the area.

For us, it is very important that our security personnel can act diligently in emergency cases. To make this possible, our team has been chosen based on their experience in managing good security protocols. Especially those who have started their career with us thanks to our online and in-person security guard training and education, to be ready to start a successful security guard career in the Ontario private security sector.

Leave the peace of mind of your business in the hands of professionals

Private security professionals undergo comprehensive training in various areas to ensure the safety and peace of mind of companies, including arrest and control techniques, first aid, self-defense, crime prevention, crisis management, technology usage, fear management, firearms handling, and specialized knowledge of the client’s industry.

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