Our President Muhammad Baig Advocates to a local MP Pam Damoff for local businesses

On August 30th 2023 Muhammad Baig, President of Baig Security, and Sarah Stone, our marketing manager, attended an event hosted by Tech Place. We attended to be able to learn a little bit more about the federal supports that was being offered to local businesses and to hear from the leaders at Haltech, Tech Place as well as the member of Parliament for Burlington and Oakville North Pam Damoff.

There were some delicious light refreshments that were provided at no cost as well as a chance to network with other local business owners. We were incredibly grateful to be a part of this informative event.

At the end of the event, Pam Damoff was taking questions and our president went out of his way to talk to her about some of the issues that small and medium sized businesses in the Ontario area had to deal with especially during Covid and the repercussions afterward.

He also talked to her about some of the fantastic work that we’ve been doing in terms of improving some of the technology and the security guard field and trying to be a larger part of the community.

Sarah Stone

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