Baig Security Joins Burlington Green – We protect our environment!

Muhammed Baig, the owner of this company is a very strong advocate for the environment. He has two young children that he wants to make sure get to see the earth in the best possible shape it can. Whether that includes protecting endangered animals or just cleaning up the local communities.

In April of 2023 Baig security officially partnered with the Burlington Green. The Burlington Green is a local nonprofit organization that helps with cleaning and advocating for a greener Burlington.

We made this decision because our first office was purchased in Burlington and it is our home location. The president lives in the Burlington area and therefore we have a lot of ties to the people and businesses that are here.

Everyone in Burlington recognizes that we are all connected to, and dependent on the environment, and acts on this understanding to ensure a good quality of life and a sustainable future.

-Burlington Green

The first event that we participated in was the Burlington Beach cleanup that was hosted by the Burlington Green. We learned a lot about the beach and the history behind it. Especially how the Burlington Green came to have their eco hub located there.

The beach is home to a lot of different animals and their habitats. As well as being a local tourist spot for people to come and swim. However, over the years, pollution as well as garbage has piled up and made the water occasionally unsafe to swim in, as well as destroying animal habitats.

Our marketing manager Sarah Stone was one of the participants in this event. She walked the 7 kilometer beach and helped to pick up pieces of garbage and return them to the eco hub for them to sort through and dispose of.

“I’ve lived In Burlington for the last 15 years and I really enjoyed being able to give back to my community. As well as being able to meet some of the other local activists!”

-Sarah Stone

Visiting with Burlington Green to discuss future collaborations.

In May, our marketing manager, Sarah Stone, once again visited the eco hub in downtown Burlington to speak with Gloria Reed and Susan, both representatives of Burlington Green. They spoke for a few hours on the possible collaborations between the two organizations as well as discussing general events.

It was a great opportunity for us to learn more about what Burlington Green does and how overall it helps the city. I really enjoyed being able to create seed balls which are a way to be able to plant seeds in bulk while being eco friendly.

I also really like the initiative that the Burlington Green had. They had a ginormous cardboard earth and there were sections of it that were correlated to a number. When people filled out an environmental pledge, they would then place it on the number that a correlated with and in the end, it’ll make the earth.

Baig Security helps Burlington Green plant 500 trees at a local park

We also had the opportunity to help the Burlington Green plant over 500 trees in Millcroft Park in Burlington. It was amazing to see how many people turned up to the event to help with the tree planting. even though it was a very muddy and rainy day, everyone was very excited to get to work.

We were there for about two hours, helping with the tree planting. We also got to learn from an indigenous elder named White Eagle about the importance of placing tobacco in the soil before you plant the tree.

And we also managed to meet the mayor, Mayor Mead Ward, who came to give a speech.

Sarah Stone

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