Baig Security membership with Burlington Chamber of Commerce

In February of 2023 big security became a member of the Planter Chamber of Commerce. The Burlington Chamber of Commerce is a collection of businesses operating out of Burlington that are. offer networking events as well as supports for companies.

We joined the chamber after meeting with Scott Bridger, one of the heads of the organization. We have an ongoing relationship with the chamber and our membership will be continuing into next year.

Pictured is President of Baig Security Muhammad Baig and the Digital Design and Marketing Manager Sarah Stone at Baig Securitys first Business after 5 event

Our first business after five event.

The event took place at Food For Life Which is a Canadian not for profit food bank. They accept donations from local communities as well as help to educate about food security. The event was hosted by the Burlington Chamber of Commerce. We were given a tour of the facility and got to see a behind the scenes tour of how Food For Life works.

It was a great introduction to how a chamber events work and the chance to give us two network with other successful companies. We were also given extra donated food that was. sorted into ingredients. to make soup. There was also delicious sandwiches and healthy bowls.

There was also delicious sandwiches and healthy bowls. A few businesses had booths set up, which let us go around and talk to them about their respective businesses.

Sarah Who is our marketing manager won two of the door prizes, one from Junk Professionals and the other from Laurie Insurance Group.

Our second business after 5 event.

This event was hosted in March at. Bosch Rexroth Canada Corporation. Bosch Rexroth bundles global application experience in the market segments of Mobile Applications, Hydraulics and Automation. With its intelligent components, customized system solutions and services, Bosch Rexroth is creating the necessary environment for fully connected solutions. 

We were able to hear a speech from one of the heads of the company, as well as got the opportunity to participate in competitions and raffles while learning about other businesses. There was a really great circuitry boards that were served.

This verge actually was the catalyst for us meeting the relative today. They are a Burlington news reporting website. I met with Ted Lindsay because of this. Ted works at the Burlington today and helped us get set up with our. posts on there. The Burlington today. It has been a partner of big security since. April..

Our third business after five.

The April business after five hosted by the Burlington Chamber of Commerce, took place at the Cogeco building in Burlington. It was a really fun night where I got….s well as meet some of the employees.

It was a really fun night where I got to see the in the sides of Kojako as well as meet some of the employees. It was a great chance for me to reconnect with some of the connections that I had made with the other businesses. It was also the orientation event for new businesses. as we had just joined in February. We were still fairly new, so we were invited.

Scott and Terry gave everyone who had recently joined an information packet with all the benefits at the Chamber offers as well as hosted a mini networking event to preface for the night. I met quite a few people. in the networking event. They taught us the beginnings of how to introduce yourself to someone and where to put your name tag and more. We also practice our elevator pitches!

The rest of the night was fun with a. amazing food that was served. Also got to meet some of the vendors for the event!

Our fourth business after 5.

The fourth business after five we attended that was hosted by the Boeing Chamber of Commerce was in June. and it was located at the Nickel Brook Brewery. The nickel broke brewery is a brewery that makes their own alcoholic. beverages.

It was my first time going to the nickel book brewery. D. inside of the brewery is gorgeous and I love the outside patio that’s attached. We were offered one free drink as part of the Chamber and I had the over the rainbow IPA, which was really, really good.

It was super hot that day, so I didn’t go out on the patio. The rest of the event was fantastic. I was able to network with the sharp storytelling company and I actually won the raffle for a 45 minute video marketing consultation.

Other chamber events

One of the events at the chamber invited us to was the business after business hosted by the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce. This took place in Tim Hortons Stadium. It’s a stadium in Hamilton that hosts football games and soccer games.

I got to meet the Hamilton tiger cats players as well as the head coach. I got to hear them give speeches on leadership and how the leadership skills they use are beneficial to teaching football.

Interestingly enough, my great grandfather was actually part of the team before it merged. She become the Hamilton Tiger cats! This was a long time ago though. L O L.

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