What Makes a Bad Security Guard

No Situational Awareness

As we know, situational awareness is vital in the world of security. Without it, it leaves room for potential threats to happen which can put your clients or product at risk. If your guard tends to always be distracted then it may be time to consider another one.

Uses Aggression to Diffuse a Situation

Security guards should take their job very seriously. However, it is important to understand when aggression is warranted. In Canada, a security guard is able to use reasonable force to arrest and hold until police arrive. However, excessive use of force are not warranted as well as improper use of handcuffs, abusive language, and threatening the individual.

Unable to be Punctual for Duty

Having security guards on-site at all times lowers the risk of potential threats occurring. You should always employ a professional that takes their job in security seriously and makes sure to show up to their task on time. The top security companies will always emphasize punctuality as this is a reflection of how they are committed to keeping your business safe.

Why Baig Security is the Perfect Fit

At Baig security, our guards possess all of the necessary skills to keep your business safe. We strive to have well-trained guards that will arrive promptly at your site. Learn more about our security service at the link below.


See this video to learn more about why you need to consider finding a new security guard team for your business.

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