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Hi there! Baig Security is a security guard company in Ontario looking to run an online event to promote local small businesses on July 7th from 2pm-5pm. 

You’d be given a chance to talk about your business, what you do, and network with potential clients and other business owners. It’s free to sign your business up, all we ask is you promote the event on your socials and invite your network. 

For all businesses that attend they will be automatically enrolled in a raffle for a 50 dollar amazon card. 



In order to have the highest attendance possible, we plan on having a raffle for businesses that attend and participate to win a 50 dollar amazon gift card. This creates an incentive for businesses to want to partake in the event and advertise the event.

For attendees, we plan on having around three 10 dollar gift cards that are up for raffle.


July 7th at 2-5pm on Microsoft Teams

Value for businesses:

There are various positives that come from this event for the businesses attending, including networking opportunities, getting to meet potential clients, opportunities for growth, and increasing brand awareness. Opening oneself up to networking opportunities provides as a way to build connections with others in similar or related professions that can assist their company discover new clients, partners, and develop. Increasing brand awareness is important as it influences customers’ judgments while deciding between rival businesses.

Value for attendees:

For attendees, being present at the event allows them to support local businesses, receive offers or coupons from the attending businesses, the possibility of prizes, and webinars from local business influencers. Supporting local businesses demonstrates that attendees care about and are involved in the community’s well-being and future. Local businesses are more accountable to their communities and have a lesser carbon impact than larger corporations, which is excellent for the environment. Attending webinars from local business influencers allows attendees to learn about various topics that are often not taught in schools or elsewhere, like taxes 101 for small business or how to promote a business.

How to promote:

We are planning on promoting through various platforms including linkedin, our website, and instagram. We also plan to include advertising the event in the newsletter. Through having the involved business and influencers promote on their socials and reach out to their networks, we are going to be able to reach a bigger audience.

Interested? Businesses sign up below

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