8 Must-Follow Safety Tips

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In this article, we rank the best tips for health and safety.

  1. Use everything properly

Many workplace accidents are caused by the misuse of machinery. Learning to use everything properly can prevent injuries in your workplace. Make sure to only use machines you are trained for and double-check that they are maintained often. 

2. Report unsafe conditions immediately 

Fix any workplace hazards ASAP. If it’s dangerous for you to remove the risk, do not attempt it by yourself. Employees must report dangerous conditions to their managers as they are legally required to provide a safe environment. So if you say something is unsafe, they have to correct it as soon as possible.

3. Wear your safety gear

Always wear the necessary PPE. An easy way to avoid an incident is to wear the proper safety gear for your workplace. This includes:

reflective, fire-retardant clothing, industrial workwear or something as simple as nonslip shoes. 

4. Keep your workplace clean.

Did you know that having a clean workspace can lead to better job satisfaction as well as keeping you free from danger. Clutter in your work area can cause you or others to trip and fall, and the mess could be hiding hazards you can’t see

5. Eat and Drink

Many workers can get distracted and forget to drink or eat meals. You should always take the time to look after yourself as dehydration or starvation can cause you to lose focus and feel faint, leading to possibly injuring yourself or others.

6. Use proper posture when sitting and lifting.

Poor posture can cause strain on your back, neck and upper body, leading to serious injury. To prevent this from happening, try to use an ergonomic desk as well as keyboards to avoid straining your wrists and arms. Remember to periodically adjust how you are sitting, keep your shoulders in line with your hips and lift with your legs when moving objects. 

7. Awareness of surroundings.

Being aware of your surroundings is an easy way to avoid workplace injuries. Here are some things to be mindful of in your environment:

Look for spills and objects on the floor that could be potential tripping hazards.

Remember to use the appropriate safety equipment for each task you are doing.

Choose items such as a forklift or wheelbarrow to help lift items if you aren’t sure you can lift it.

Keep emergency exits clear so they are accessible in an emergency.

Label hazardous materials with appropriate WHMIS signs.

Know where the first aid kits are located in the building and which staff members are trained to administer first aid if an injury occurs.

Know the emergency procedures in the event of a fire, flood or earthquake.

Only use secure, steady ladders and never use boxes or anything else as an improvised ladder.

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Test railings first before using them to make sure they are adequately secured.

And lastly, be sure to never take shortcuts.

Every worker, at one point or another, has been tempted to take a shortcut at work. Don’t forget that procedures exist to keep workers safe. It might not seem like skipping a step or two will end the world; however, not wearing safety gear may save you time, but it’s not worth facing serious injury. 

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