What are the best first aid courses?

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Is Basic First Aid Important?

First aid training is definitely an essential part of the workplace. Every business should have their employee’s first aid trained. Accidents can happen fast. Knowing what to do in an emergency situation could save someone’s life. Basic first aid training will let you stay calm and decide how to help. This could make a big difference for the injured.

Online Versus In Person

First of all, before we even get to answering the question, did you know there are different requirements based on where you live for first aid training?

If you are looking to get certified whether it’s in basic first aid training or CPR, make sure that the certificate is recognized by your local government. As well, If you’d like to be certified as having first aid training, most first aid training courses require an in-person component to receive a certificate.

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There is usually a required in-person session to cpr aid training because it gives you hands-on experience with CPR and safe responses. This also provides the instructor with a chance to see you in action and correct any mistakes. In an online format, they can’t offer feedback. Completing an online course shows you understand first aid in theory but not necessarily in practice.


There are lots of first aid courses available online. However, here’s a quick list of your options:

The Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross provides First Aid and CPR programs. Check out the link below to learn more about their training programs.

First Aid Tips and Resources – Canadian Red Cross

Treat and prevent injuries. Learn first aid and CPR. Download the official First Aid app. Get Red Cross advice, tips and resources to keep your family safe…


They also teach practical first aid tips and offer a free first aid app.

First Aid App

The official Canadian Red Cross First Aid app puts lifesaving advice in your hands.


  • First aid for free

Anyone can take this training online and learn more about lifesaving first aid. We provide this first aid training for no charge.

  • First aid for you


  • NSC

First Aid Online Training


  • First Aid safety training

https://firstaidsafetytraining.ca/resources/ – has lots of specialized first aid courses

  • Baig Security

https://www.baigsecurity.com/training – our own training course

Keep in mind,

Online first aid courses give you a theoretical understanding of what to look for in an emergency situation. However, it does not prepare you for the practical side of rendering aid.

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