What is the Security Guard License Test and How to Prep for it

Looking to get your license so you can work as a security guard for a security services firm? This article will guide you through important areas of security guard services to know when taking the test, as well as basic information on how the test is conducted and links you might find helpful while studying to pass your Security Guard License test. 

Disclaimer: This guide is not a substitute for a paid security license training course. 

About the Security Guard License Test

The Ontario Security Guard test is a written, sixty question test, in a multiple choice format. The test appointments are two hours in duration, 75 minutes of which is the allotted test completion time.

The license test costs $66.50 plus HST, which comes to a total of $75.15.

You will receive the results of your test within five days of completing it. If you don’t receive it by the end of this time, contact your test provider. The lowest passing mark is a 62% for this test. 

As well, all tests must be booked in advance, regardless of if its in person or online.


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You can only  register to take the security guard test, if you have successfully completed the mandatory training course (that meets the requirements set out by the ministry of Ontario) or have already received your license and are re-registering.  

As well, remember that in order to register for a test, you will need a training completion number from your basic training course provider.

Study Tips

Now that you have an understanding of what the test is like, and if you are eligible to take it, let’s talk about study tips. 

Breakdown the topics you need to study by section. For example, report writing, Canadian Legal System, Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005, surveillance, aid cpr, etc. This helps you to ensure you don’t forget any topics, as well, you can always self quiz after you complete each section to check your understanding of the literature. 

Here are the topics you should cover:

Introduction to the Security Industry

The Act and Code of Conduct

Basic Security Procedures

Report Writing

Health & Safety

Emergency Response Preparation

The Canadian Legal System

Legal Authorities


Sensitivity Training

Use of Force Theory

Emergency First Aid Certification

Test Tips

Appendix A – WHIMS

Appendix B – APCO

Click the links above to access Ministry approved literature to study from. Hopefully this guide helps you get an idea of how to set yourself up for success when taking your Security License test and get you to work in the security industry  as a highly trained guard. 

For more information on Security Training, Licensing go to www.baigsecurity.com/blog today.

For information on the ministry’s Training and Testing Regulation, on the topics covered in the training syllabi and the tests, you must contact the Private Security and Investigative Services Branch:

Phone: 416-212-1650 or toll-free at 1-866-767-7454

E-mail: PSIS.PrivateSecurity@ontario.ca

To book a test, and for any information regarding test scheduling and payment, you must contact the ministry’s test delivery agent, Serco DES Inc.:

Phone: 1-866-248-2555

E-mail: sgt@serco-des.ca

Website: www.ontariosecuritytesting.com

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